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09-08-2009, 03:37 PM
Wow. Long article. Makes a change from the last few (not that they were bad mind you). Thanks for the heads up

"We weren't that interested in making the game where you go down to the transporter room and press the button for 20 hours then level up, and you get to go to engineering and use a wrench"
I swear if I see this quote again I'm going to track down Zinc and erase the English language from his mind so that he might learn to say something else! (I know somehow it'll backfire and we'll all see that quote again in Spanish or something.

Away missions always require a group of five. If you're playing with four other players, you'll all be captains. If you're going solo you get to choose which bridge officers should fill the gaps - an important decision, as it determines the kind of gameplay experience you'll enjoy. Here, in the wonderfully named "Away Team Picker" screen, Andy has the aforementioned Hope, Jinn, Sasa Mira and the mysterious Red Shirt for company (don't tell him, but we reckon poor old Red Shirt doesn't stand much chance of surviving).
Wait, can we pick a random red shirt to join the away team? Or was that poor character called 'Red Shirt'? (Those are some cruel parents if its option no.2)