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01-16-2013, 05:48 PM
There was a notion to add a barcode like system into the dialog boxes. A small app running in the background would then read that barcode, and load the appropriate mp3 file which could contain VOs, sound effects and the like. It was designed to be almost setup free. As long as the mp3 files are loaded onto a 3rd party server, all you would need to do is to run the app. The barcode had 20 bit length, so it could encode thousands of missions each having something like 256 mp3 clips.

The app also created the barcode itself for the mission creators. So all you needed to do is copy and paste the characters to the dialog box, name the mp3 clip accordingly and move it to the proper folder.

Never took off the ground. I guess it is one thing to talk about VOs, and another thing to actually make them.

In all fairness, I have to admit, the only 1 mission which had this working, was a blast even with the computer synthetized VOs.