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01-16-2013, 06:11 PM
Originally Posted by thissler View Post
You can see where that's sorta important to know as it has a huge effect on things of this nature.

I would bet yes, it is a roll to to hit or miss. Then it would be rolls to determine all the other things that a hit could do. Roll for crit? Check. Roll for all incoming procs? Check, check, check. Roll for all outgoing procs? Check, check. Data generated, start crunching the numbers and applying the output.

Maybe that makes it easier to see how HUGE defense is vs resistance. You make your defense roll you NEVER even have to go through all the other stuff. It just doesn't happen. If you Lose you defense roll, or even worse, Lose you defense, you can just skip to the critical damage bit. That's where you'll be.
Any idea what if any role defense plays in Sci/Eng boff abilities plays in critH? For example, w/a near zero target is EWP more likely or the same likelyhood to Crit compared to a target w/a higher defense rating?