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01-16-2013, 07:17 PM
i made a thread a wile back about converting all torps to an omega torp like system with the charges and stuff. in it photons were the most rapid fire, and had the most charges. sure their damage was lackluster, but in a system like that they could be made appealing for volume of fire.

currently, theres no way to make photons relevant at all. the closest thing they could do is make photons fly fast and quantums fly slow. its silly that quantums have all upsides and no downsides. fireing rate is irreverent, its all about delivering HYs at the perfect moment, not their dps, because they are worthless unless they hit hull.


oh! i got it! give EVERY ship innate photon torpedo launchers! the damage scales with you, you just always have them regardless if you don't slot any torps. but if you equip a quantum, or anything other more advanced torp, that photon is disabled and it costs you a weapon slot to use that other torp. see, the photon sucks so much it would never be worth a weapons slot, so they should just give us one. its blatantly uncanon for a ship to not be fireng at least photons, but thats what most ships are forced to do, run no torps.
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