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Originally Posted by zensutra View Post
Also, if you have the EC, you can purchase the beads/bells you need on the Exchange. (All - select uncommon - search 'bells' or 'beads'). Last I saw there were hundreds up.
Originally Posted by clannmac View Post
Actually, that's if you have MILLIONS of EC - players have "gone Ferengi" and are asking A LOT for even a single one. Last time I checked, you could by a "pack" of 48 for, say, 25 million EC...and I know most folks need a great deal more than that. If this has changed recently, it has been very recently - like in the last 24 hours. Anyone got any recent "intel" on this?

Yeah, when you need 200 bells and beads each, buying them off the exchange (at extortionate prices) or with lobi is not a viable option.

Being rarer, I really wished they'd made the bells and beads requirements half what they currently are. Our fleet would've been able to complete the project then.
^ Just need to know when this will be happening ^
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