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01-16-2013, 06:35 PM
You know what else is silly... is the hack job fix they got in the form of doffs. I mean they got rid of the old 3 second global on launchers... and introed torp doffs almost alone with.

Every other doff of the same type reduce cool downs on the BOFF skills for that dmg type... accept torps... no they basicly make torps function properly... Torp doffs are the biggest joke in this game the more I think about it... they are a doff that basicly corrects a basic flaw in the game design... they don't add to anything... they basicly make torps work as they should.

I would agree that if cryptic wasn't lazy / cheep... they would implement a proper ammo system ala the omega torp... and torp doffs would reduce cool downs on HY and Spread patterns as they should.