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01-16-2013, 07:33 PM
*All Subsystem Targeting Bridge Officer powers now have thorough Tooltips explaining their exact effects when activated, complete with stat representations that scale with the appropriate modifers.

Much appreciated.

*The Omega Plasma Torpedo Launcher no longer triggers the cooldown reduction procs of Projectile Weapons Duty Officers.

Never knew that it did. I even tried using it with 3x purple PWOs and didnt see much of an effect.

*All "Nanoenergy Cell" devices have been buffed into usefulness.

Fixed that for you

*Significantly increased the damage of the Kinetic Cutting Beam, but ...


*Duty Officer Warp Theorists' Tachyon Beam turn-rate debuff now lasts the full intended duration.

People actually use Warp Theorists for something other than data sample missions? I'm far more curious about getting Deflector Officers fixed so that they actually have an effect on Energy Siphon and Tachyon Beam.

Also heard about Season 8, some new story and some new Reps sound very exciting. Iconians... should we be afraid?


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