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Originally Posted by mariecallender View Post
My question is... Who cares if there's 1 daily out there that someone can do in 5 minutes? Everyone can do it, so it really doesn't hurt anyone

Thank you!
The problem is we're talking about dilithium, which is the the game's premium currency alongside zen (since you can trade them back and forth they are basically equal), and which at it's base is supposed to be a reward based on difficulty and time played. The issue with the clicky missions was they completely threw off the balance between time played and the reward given, which in Cryptic's eyes meant they were losing cash.

Best I could suggest is to have the folks who can only log in for 15 minutes focus on building up their duty officer crews. While it can be slow going depending on the available missions they pull, it CAN be a source of dilithium they can earn and contribute to the fleet. Once they max out a commendation type they can start turning the extra into fleet marks.
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