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01-16-2013, 08:08 PM
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Well it seems like they don't actually roll for a hit, so there would be no acc overflow. So whatever your inherent crit h is it is. I mean I've never seen a tractor beam miss. But its been reported that a placate will break the TB, but that's not a miss per se. TB's pulse. EWP ticks. So at each event the computer has to decide if it takes affect or not. Just never seen a miss. Just the placate bit.

So there you go. I'm unsure of the mechanic they use. My guess is that they gain no benefit as they never actually seem to go through the 'to hit' roll part of the process that overflow comes from.
Yeah, the question comes more out of anecdotal observation of using PSW on someone after applying a TB and having it "feel" like it crits more often than w/o having a TB applied. I've done no tests though.