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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
So let me get this strait... we have an idealistic intergalactic government torn from corruption on the inside, many of the worlds it's made up of want to separate, civil war looming, a mysterious force invading, and a trade based organization taking over everything.

This is basically Star Trek: The Phantom Menace.

Sure. Bring up the crap franchise why don't you?

If they played it close to Roman history like the premise, it could have been a pretty deep series that made DS9s intrigues look like... Well, STO's "Ehn. I'm too tired to wrap it up."

The thing requiring a Kirk in command of an Enterprise makes me think it might have some sort of "destiny" crap that made Sisko's storyline the least compelling part of DS9... And thus it would have probably been closer to that... "movie" you mentioned.

In my dreams, it would have been SF Game of Thrones.
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