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01-16-2013, 09:22 PM
I rarely leave a STF, but sometimes I just say "F&$K it!" and leave.

I really don't care about the optionals anymore, 15 marks is nothing. But that fool in the rainbow beam boat Escort or the cruiser that can't kill two probes while it chases them for 10klicks sometimes just piss me off. And I really don't consider myself and elitist, I guess some might. But, crap like that is just uncalled for by any reasonable standard. These are elite for a reason. What could are they going to be with Donatra if they can't stop a pair of probes? They certainly aren't going to agro her, someone like that is just dead weight.

I guess in the end I blame cryptic, I bet if there was away to keep those people out of Elites rage quitting would drop dramatically. Just something simple like an accolade that unlocks Elites after 50 STFs would be good enough.