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Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
- If we're going to insist on having stupid lockboxes everywhere (and they are utterly awful, but I acknowledge you are probably doing good business on keys), then put in a Xindi Lockbox with a Xindi Aquatic Carrier ship at some point. And I want it to let out the big cloud of water when it explodes too. That would be awesome. I realize I'm probably the only person that really, really wants this ship... but I do. ST: Enterprise had some groovy alien ships going on.
I can get behind a Xindi Lockbox.

Big Reward: Xindi Aquatic Carrier
Other Rewards:
Xindi Boff Pack
Xindi Superweapon Console (creates small targateable sphere that slowly powers up and then fires a devestating energy blast)
Xindi Arsenal: Random Item: Xindi Armor (Negates damage from one attack every 15s) Xindi Biorifle (I don't know, does something special) and a Seeker (device that flies around randomly once deployed, drawing enemy fire) this of course would be an item set. Then some other non set items, maybe a consumable based of the bio mines they had, some other Xindi Themed ground items.
Sphere Builder Artifacts: Items that can be used in Doff missions to do someting, I don't know....

Lobi Store:
Insectoid Shuttlecraft
Reptillian Warship
Reptillian Outfit
Insectoid Bridge Officer (I know, not likely, would require an entirely new model)