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Originally Posted by drakelious13 View Post
i have no clue where to post acctual ideas that players might have for the game. i have been trying to complete a ship design that was acctualy started 5 years ago and was never finnished. it was originaly drafted up for Birth of the Federation. As the point i do not have a 3d image creator but i do have it on a 2d draft. i wanted to know what forum. or to who i send it to dirrectly for being submitted to the gaming staff to be veiwed. thank you very much
Not to burst your bubble...

But I don't believe that outside of a Contest Environment like the "Design The Next Enterprise" one, a year or so ago, that Cryptic will accept those kind of submissions.

There is though, absolutely no reason why you can't start your own thread in 'The Art of Star Trek Online' Forum here, showing off your talents.

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