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01-16-2013, 10:36 PM
While I'm not against the franchise going to dark places, Federation sounds... a bit too dark.

For example, the destruction of Romulus, the tragedy it brings, and the machinations it sets into motion would be perfect for a darker Trek without dimming the optimism the Federation represents. You'll probably have a few rogue elements within the Federation working against its interests in the whole matter, but they wouldn't represent the whole.

Set this hypothetical series on a large, powerful new class of ship, fresh off the production line and sent to aid whatever Romulan faction the Federation has chosen to aid (there would no doubt be many factions resulting from the split; Reunificationists, isolationists who refuse help, government loyalists, Tal Shiar...) as a show of both peace and humanitarian aid, and as a show of force who would use the chaos as an excuse to try something. Throw in potential new antagonists from the opposite side of Romulan space that we may never have heard of, add a dash of Klingon interaction from an Empire eager to take advantage of the weakened state of their old enemy and their reaction to the Federation aiding them... It would play out as equal parts DS9 and TNG, and ideally, add its own flair to Trek.

Find a fitting latin word to serve as both the name of the ship and the series, and preferably also with some relevance to the plot, and we'd have a show that could totally last seven seasons.