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Originally Posted by psiameese View Post
Assuming, for the moment, that Natasha Yar managed to avoid the execution by Romulans - which Sela shared with Picard (mentioned in Redemption, Part 2) - she (Tasha) would be around 94 years old by 2409. In the world of Trek this isn't too old to have an agenda.
It's remotely possible that Sela was telling Picard a 'story'..., just because she could discern the emotion in Picards' voice about Tasha.

She was pretty bitchy in that episode and making Picard believe that Tasha was dead wouldn't be beneath her.

It's also possible that what she remembers from her childhood, might be a bit over-the-top considering the circumstances at the time...

It must have been somewhat overwhelming, happening so fast, on a young impressionable mind...

Also consider that she was a Hybrid-child... Half Human/Half Romulan in a very prejudice society,

That too must have been very rough on her. She'd be constantly compensating for a perceived inadequacy in her up-bringing.
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