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01-17-2013, 12:05 AM
Originally Posted by furyofthefuga View Post
Ok, I'm confused here....

Being a Tac officer flying an escort, I realize I'm not going to be as good as other Tacs in Escorts simply because by purple gear is only Mk XI instead of XII...

But why is it that it seems as though AoE type attacks (1 v many), such as Cannon Scatter Volley and Torpedo Spread, seem to drop targets in an 1/8th of the time that Direct type attacks (1 v 1), such as Cannon Rapid Fire and Torpedo High Yield, do? Wouldn't you think it'd be the other way around? Concentrating your fire power into 1 target instead of distributing it amongst many??
If you play pve, than you do not neeed purple mkXII gears... even if you play elite stf. blue mk XI gears are enough. Only if you play pvp having purple mk XII gears can be important.

However most of the dps of an escort depend on your skill, BOFF's abilities, DOFFs and timing.

about AoE attacks vs direct type attack, using CSV an TS you can deal a lot of damage more but also generate a lot of threat. In same scenario threat generation is not a problem (think about probes in KSE) but it can be dangerous for example in ISE. Moreover AoE attacks are not very good when you are firing at one target only.
Frankly I use only CRF an THY, so I can destroy a single target faster (think about spheres and cubes) and I do not generate so much threat and so I do not need much support from healers...