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01-17-2013, 12:27 AM
i like to see nano pulsed hand to hand weapons cstore.

cstore ferengi wips.

kinetic ground guns cstore like the tr116 and the tommy gun or even ground macro torpedeo launchers.

dilithium from all game content and increased dilithiun refinding cap.

open up starting klingon at level one even without enough levels to play through.

cross faction cstore account wide unlock romulan ships and cstore tier 3 taffy freighter.

cstore fereration cilvian older united earth starfleet ships, tos/tmp starfleet ships and freighters limited to tier 3.

klimgon cstore ka'vort class tactial battle cruiser.

long shot. one non startrek thing that i like to see would be babylon 5 earth alliance ships cross faction starfleet and the klingon factions. particually the omega class destroyers and the shadow omega class destroyers. babylon 5 felt more like a mix of star trek and mirror star trek in au universe different place and spices factions. even more so after the babylon 5 crew switched to the new uniform for the civil war that could kinda blene in twok and tng str trek era's and after walter kineing Alfred Bester. Alfred Bester kinda felt like a evil babylon 5 au universe verson of pavel checkov. the babylon universe could have been what star trek prime uiverse been could been with some major changes or united earth choosing to do space more independent of the vulcans enterfearrence after peaful first contact. the babylon ships would have to be rebalenced for startrek online and would need a good store to be in star trek online.