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01-16-2013, 11:44 PM
My take would be to have all torpedos work as follows:

Torpedo damage roll - current facing shields strength = damage to hull

ALL torpedos have a secondary explosion which deals an additional 10% hull damage, based on the damage as calculated by previous equation

Bleedthrough damage is treated the same way


Use the Omega Torpedo Launcher Ammo system for Photon Torpedos, with a SLIGHTLY lower fire rate (1.5 - 2 seconds, instead of 1 second)
((my reasoning for Omega still being faster, is that Reputation gear is supposed to be the best in game, therefore the Omega Torpedo Launcher should be clearly the most powerful torpedo launcher, which, if used well, it currently is))

So .. to clarify ... launch a torpedo against a full shield facing, nothing would be different than it currently is. Launch it against a nearly failed shield facing and get some extra oomph.