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01-16-2013, 11:54 PM
Two missions!

Mission Name: Duritanium Man - click for more info
Minimum Level: 41+
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HSMJTB692
Estimated Mission Length: 45minutes - 1 hour

Short Description:

A genius scientist. An ambitious business partner.

Sometimes it's a match made in heaven, but when you add a group of desperate Remans, you've got a recipe for trouble. Throw in an invention that could change the fate of the galaxy?

That spells disaster.

Mission Name: The Galaxy's Fair - click for more info
Minimum Level: Any Level
Allegiance: Federation
Project ID: ST-HIL8TIJ29
Estimated Mission Length: 20-30 minutes

Short Description:

The Galaxy's Fair is being hosted by the Federation Diplomatic Corps on behalf of Grand Nagus Rom. Factions from all parts of the known galaxy have joined in a cultural exchange and to get a glimpse of state of the art technology that will be available right around the corner.

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