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01-17-2013, 12:48 AM
Made a couple of days a new channel called KDFPVP. Feel free to join no matter if you are fed or kdf.
It has 3 subscribers in this moment (2 are my alts ) so it is kind of desert there in this moment.
The reason why I seldom use OrganizedPVP channel is because I play mostly kdf char and except 4-5 members of OPPVP all others are from opposite team I fought and met on pvp maps .Some are not so happy seeing my handler there it seems
More since I joined OPVP (2-3 months) I haven't seen much kdf ship builds or discussions regarding kdf ships.
The majority of the people from there are using federation escorts and federation science vessels .

Of course OPPVP is good for general things like BOF powers which are common ground for both factions but there are some specific faction pvp questions that I feel that could be better debated in an specific faction PVP channel.

I don't know what will be the future of KDFPVP but I know that as long I will play STO and be logged in game I will watch this channel and If I can help somebody I will do my best.