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01-17-2013, 02:20 AM
Originally Posted by novalous View Post
Ithink its funny when people in bug ships cry about P2W lol. How much does the bug ship cost.
A good subject to debate I think.

A Jhas is a P2W ship kind of .It has better specification than other escorts by far.
(As I told before I think it is ok to be so)

If you use some consoles available in game you can stop and disable the Jhas for a couple of seconds and make the fight more equal.

Both Jhas and P2W consoles are available to anybody who wants to pay their price so in my opinion it is o.k to use both .Why condemn one and justify the other?
In my opinion everything which part of the game is legit to use .

Why should somebody agree to be blow into pieces from a bug and not use a console to try to avoid that ?