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01-17-2013, 01:41 AM
I won't seriously read 8 pages full of off topic before saying my humble opinion, so...

I strongly believe the dev team is doing an ever-evolving amazing work, costantly improving the game...
...but there are a few things that still bother me.
For the most important issue, see my sig. In topic, I'll put it simple: are you kidding us?

I'm obviously speaking about the federal side of starbase projects.

Don't even try to tell it's accidental because... C'mon... you can miss one, two times...
but if all players, even on the opposite side, recognize every single fed project is trash or little more...
it cannot be a fortuity.

Seriously, this time we got the evidence. The KDF got Ferasans and feds... drones?
YOU made a perfect mirroring on species between Ferasans and Caitians...
how on Earth did YOU miss that on this occasion? Or thought the toasters would be better?

It's not something easily believable... so you took me finally sure of it. You make it on purpose.
Which is way worse. It's not you cannot do it right. You're very talented. You just don't want to.

We got to the point that not only it is unanimously recognized among all player base, including KDF,
that the latter is getting cool, lore-friendly projects, while the first get disappointing ones,
but even that this is even accepted by some as same kind of "compensation" for content,

which is wrong for both:

(1) without further discussion towards the fed players who support (being the majority) the game,
(2)It is no compensation for the KDF players but a mere SOP,

and even worst it's based on sheer sense of useless cruelty towards the fed players,
distracting them from the real problem which isn't getting fixed, the lack of actual PLAYING content,
as opposed to, well, cosmetics. It's not like I can stare at Orion dancers in my base for hours.

SURPRISE! I play also KDF characters, and would like to have the same full play for them.

So what about stopping it now, give back to fed starbase the care you didn't take,
and focus on giving back the kdf as a whole -and not just base cosmetics- the same care?

also, be sure to read my sig:
About the rest, please bring back doff system alive as it was prior to dilithium extortion on academy services.