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01-17-2013, 05:03 AM
I, for one am extremely disappointed with how poorly my tickets have been handled. First of all you wait a week for a response. When you get a response it's not helpful, and then they close the ticket. There is no ownership of the problem. (one even said to try the forums)

I enjoy the gameplay. Frankly though I never had these sorts of UI problems when playing ********. Right now though I have a Reputation Active project which I can't add security duty officers (despite having them), & can't drop so is stuck for all eternity. I am tier 5 so not really a big deal. But it's upsetting that I put in a ticket and get told it's something new and I should submit a bug report. I also know it's not new as the same thing happened on a fleet project but I don't know how that was resolved. It's that the ticket gets closed without helping the person that really burns me up.