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01-17-2013, 05:15 AM
I quite like all three fed escort types. I have spent enough time in them all that I am prity damn epic in any.

In my experiance you are best keeping a couple of tacticle commander boffs. One for AoE damage and one for single target. This way you can switch as needed, depending on the people you play with and the specific STF/Mission you are doing.

Ditch the hyper impulse engines. You shouldnt be running with your engine power high most of the time. With your engine power set to minimum your skills are still going to put your engine power levels at the optimum efficeny level of normal impulse engines.

Your flying an escort. Why are you using quantom torpedos? Quantom are fantastic, they pack a good punch with a reasonable re-use time. But your keeping your enemy in your forward arc the whole time any way so why not use photons for better DPS?

Your using two scatter volley 2s. I dont recomend this, the damage bonus from scatter volley dosnt scale up as well as many other abilities. You would probably be better off using two level 1 scatter volleys and two attack patterns insted of the one.

If you want to keep stacking torpedo spred you could invest in some conn duty officers that boost the recharge time on tacticle team. three blues or two purples will allow you to use just one tacticle team freeing your 2nd ensign slot for somthing else.

Reverse Shield polarity is nice when it isnt on cool down but you may find your better off with an extra emergency power to shields that you could use more often, or an emergency power to engines which you can combine with evasive for 'SUPER HYPER FASTER THEN FULL IMPULSE' speeds. This way you have a way to tempererily withdraw, and a way to engage quickly.

Ok thats all I have for you. Honestly though your build is fine. You have all your key components, and your build may fit your flight style better then any I or others have surgested.

I do recomend you try a single target build as well as the AOE one though. Depending on how good/bad you are at staying alive you may find a single target setup results in grater DPS as you spend less time waiting to respawn due to drawing less agro. On the other hand if you handle your ship well AOE can blitz you through content a lot faster.