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Originally Posted by naz4 View Post
In conjunction cryptic should eek up the pve difficulty levels slowly over time forcing the rest of the sto community to truly learn how to pilot the ship thus reducing the skill gap between pve and PvP.
It's still a casual game. I doubt they're going to touch that major chunk of the playerbase. How many players touch the difficulty and adjust that though?

Normal, Advanced, Elite

Outside of ESTFs, most folks are likely just playing the game on Normal. Certain things are treated as "Advanced" and "Elite" by default.

With STFs, it might be a case of wanting to change ESTFs to ASTFs and adding ESTFs as more difficult than current ESTFs.

Something they might even look at it is gear adjusted levels/rewards, eh?

If you're in regular ol' just dinged 50, maybe did some replays - then you're looking at the standard Normal. If you're sporting some decent medium gear, then you'd actually get reduced rewards for doing Normal - because you should be doing Advanced. If you're sporting high end gear, then you're seriously looking at reduced rewards for Normal and reduced rewards for Advanced - you should be doing Elite. This doesn't remove the option for players to do Normal and Advanced, playing more casually, but it would reflect the reduced difficulty of doing such content in how rewards are distributed.

Basically a guy in full Mk XII shouldn't expect the same rewards as the guy doing it in Mk IX/X gear...

...heck, they could even treat that from the other side - folks undergearing for a level of difficulty should be able to expect better rewards.

Lots of folks complain about how easy PvE tends to be - while being massively overgeared for those encounters. I'm surprised I haven't seen more of a minimalist movement - what's the minimum gear folks are able to run certain things - what tier ships - what tier gear, etc, etc, etc. Heh, I know an Oberth can only take you so far before it becomes instapop and you'd actually be better off flying a

And face it, there's a large "efficiency" crowd out there - that want to zip-zoom through stuff with 5 overgeared tacscorts to wham, bam, thank you ma'am it as fast as possible to farm/grind... look at all the complaints about OP/broken stuff getting fixed. There are some of us that want more difficult PvE...but there's a Hell of a lot of folks out there that want to push the spacebar once and get their shiny reward.
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