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01-17-2013, 04:33 AM
I'm looking forward to seeing how some of these things work out. I'm also optimistic about maintenance being moved for the possibility that they might be fixing something rather than simply pushing a problem through (purely speculation).

The effect on set powers will be interesting to see. I do hope they are working out a way to allow Tric splash damage to harm the user if they get too close at detonation.

I am curious about the change to elite fleet shields. If originally the proc stacked to 5 with let's say 10% resistance per stack that means 50% resistance just from being shot. Now the fix doubles the number of proc stacks but reduces the resistance per stack. So if they only halved the resistance to 5% then you still reach 50% resistance it just takes an extra second or so. My question is, when they doubled one thing and reduced another did they do it in such a way that actually fixes the high, easy resist rate? If not then it doesn't help PvP one bit and might actually hurt PvE since there enemies have fewer weapons and lower firing rates.

Again, I don't have a clue. Just trying to understand the impact this will have.
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