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01-17-2013, 04:34 AM
I agree about the effect of crew disable/kills.

Else photon torps are only (and best) usable in reducing cooldowns of high damege torps when using the torpedo doffs.

On other thing I was wondering:

How do the bleedthrough and -75% damage reduction work together.

When a torpedo hits shields, will first the damage be reduced with 75% and will the remaining 25% have a bleedthrough of 10%? Or the other way around? Thus in numbers:

Quantum with 10000 damage when hitting shield:

7500 is reduced, thus shields take -2250 impact and hull take -250 from bleedthrough?
hull takes 1000 from bleedthrough, and shields take 0.25*-9000 = 2250?

See the difference in hull damage...