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# 1 FED or KDF , why?
01-17-2013, 04:45 AM
When I first came into the game I knew immediately what I want to be in the game, a Federation officer.
My friends who have been in the game longer than me was on Klingon Empire side , they offered me help to level up and in-game equipment but I refused for one reason ... I do not like KDF faction.

Why did i pick up FED over KDF is easy...I watch every single ST show and movie that came out and from that time i wanted to became starfleet captain , to present federation in PvE and PvP combat.

Why i didnt chose KDF is easy again...lots of people would say lack of content but that isnt it because if you love something you will play it regardless of content that this faction have.
I didnt chose them because of false honor , i do not see honor in enslaving weak and small , killing helpless and attacking peacefull races/aliances.
One of last klingons that know what true honor is was Worf , damn i love that guy.

This is my story why i did chose FED over KDF in STO , and why i still play with my fed captain character over 1 year .

I would like to know why did you chose FED or KDF side in STO..