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Originally Posted by yreodred View Post
I haven't read the previous 7 pages so please apologize if anything has been already discussed before.
I would like to state my opinion in this matter because i see this matter becoming more and more grave.

For me Space Combat in STO doesn't feel like Star Trek because of the overwhelming amount of cannon (NOT canon) weapons. At least 50% of all ships in STFs or fleet actions use cannons or are escorts in the first place. It just doesn't feel right.
Space fights in Star Trek always felt completely different than lets say battles in Star Wars or BSG.
All those small zipping cannon fireing escorts make Space Combat in Star Trek Online look and feel more like a Space Battle in BSG than Star Trek. I think there should be a option to make Cannon weapons at least look and sound like beam weapons.
(I know i would create a flame war, or whatever you may call it nowadays, in this thread if i would come to speak about escorts making STO space battles look very un- Star Trekkish, so i won't start with it.)

Personally i hate cannon weapons not only because they make this Star Trek game look like a generic cheap Sci fi game, but because of that ANNOYING stuttering sound they produce ALL THE TIME when they fire.
I regularily just shut off the PC speakers, but i think its silly that there is a reason to do this in the first place.
The leave the cannons to the KDF since it is canon that they use Cannons on thier vessels quite often.
You'll be screwing over the Escort players fedside but at least you can keep the Quad cannons since they are canon for fed use.
Heck, you can even have the KDF Quads taken out of the game, we KDF will keep the DHCs, DCs, and singles.

I don't imagine it'll be well recieved though since this thread has long since gone from "what could improve combat" to just another complaint thread that wants STO reshaped to suit the fans impression of the game instead of those whom own the IP.
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