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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
Oh I would be so for this. No mechanics change, just "switch FX to beam" and "switch FX to cannon". This alone would help a lot.
That would be perfect. Just a FX change, no game mechanics change (i have given up hope for STO to become a "serious" or "mature" Trek game, a long time ago.).

I didn't dare to hope there would be someone else would want this too.
I cannot imagine that a feature like this would be too hard to implement and i really think this little feature could make this game look much more like Star Trek instead of a generic Sci Fi game.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
The leave the cannons to the KDF since it is canon that they use Cannons on thier vessels quite often.
You'll be screwing over the Escort players fedside but at least you can keep the Quad cannons since they are canon for fed use.
Heck, you can even have the KDF Quads taken out of the game, we KDF will keep the DHCs, DCs, and singles.

I don't imagine it'll be well recieved though since this thread has long since gone from "what could improve combat" to just another complaint thread that wants STO reshaped to suit the fans impression of the game instead of those whom own the IP.
You won't hear anything against this from me.
I assume we're talking purely about FX?

Another cool feature would be to set the thickness of the energy weapons Beam/bullet or the size of the torpedoes. I think they're all to big across the board. A little slider at the Game Options to set the size of the Weapons FX would be nice.
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