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01-17-2013, 05:48 AM
Originally Posted by carbongrip View Post
Interesting thought, Cryptic probably could make there own wrapper... quicker and easier.
I actually just switched my Wineskin wrapper over to using the Crossover 12 build of WINE, using their experimental Mac driver, and it actually runs really well; graphics are a bit smoother, you can play in maximised window mode properly (it basically functions as full-screen without blacking out other monitors). It's just smoother overall, and actually seems to be more stable.

There are however some keyboard issues that mean I may have to switch back to X11; I frequently find abilities triggering that I didn't use the shortcut for, which is unfortunate. However I've found I can run at slightly better graphics settings so I'm torn as to wether to switch back or not

But yeah, if Cryptic themselves were doing it they'd have access to better support for resolving any minor glitches like these, and it's pretty easy to just distribute a WINE wrapper once you've found a combination of WINE version and settings that work.