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# 3 I feel for you...
01-17-2013, 05:57 AM
We have asked for a great many things, while this is slightly different, I would not hold my breath. Most of my missions take a while to run through, I test the time by skipping dialog and speeding through just to be sure now that there is a 20 minute requirement.

I recall asking they do away with the "quickies" which as I knew would p_ss off a lot of dilthium farmers. But I don't write missions to be forced or want people to feel bribed to play something that should be entertaining. I do agree 20 minutes is a bit too long... I believe I suggested a minimum of 2 or 3 map transitions.

There are some "tricks" to adding timers. I have used Kirkfat's timer but substituted ships on the far side of a planet. The timer is a plot device as well. Even if the user skips my dialog they still MUST wait for the collision of the anomaly into the planet. This trips other battles and dialog.

Since the devs chose this path, they should have a simple method of testing your mission and giving you the average play time by having an AI play through the mission. While I support your thread and idea, I don't think the devs thought this one through well.

Dialog should count as well and they could give the AI a nice slow reading speed.
Any author is going to want you to read their dialog, it is why we write books. LoL

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