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01-17-2013, 06:37 AM
When I started playing, I didn't have the option to start as a Klingon (unlock at level 20 / 25 whatever it is). I obviously then started with a Federation character (an Andorian to be precise). Since my joining (a year today if F2P went live a year ago today) I have had several FED characters, and several KDF characters.

I prefer playing as a FED character, and the reasons are quite simple; there is more for them to do, and there is more of a variety. I've currently got four toons; two of them are old (one FED, one KDF) and the other two are a week old (again, one of each). There is enough variety between my FED toons (missions, ships and clothes) that I can make use of them. My secondary KDF toon is lacking though. With limited clothing selection and not much to do, I find myself always going back to my FED toons. I hardly play my primary KDF toon either (I get the datachip and dilithium daily, but then jump back).

It's a shame, cause I'd like to play more KDF but I just can't get into it. For me, ships aren't a problem, it's the clothes and hair that puts me off playing; it's far too limited. Thus, until more variants are added (in addition to other KDF-playable races) I'll be primarily on my FED accounts.