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01-17-2013, 08:20 AM
Do torpedoes in general need a buff?

Even with point expenditures, I don't think so.

Sure Photon Torpedoes feel useless. Who would want to focus on Photons? An Akira Escort carrier maybe. I've been contemplating that one honestly.. Torp Spread 3 + Akira Torpedo Console + 2-3x Photon Torpedo Consoles.. sounds tempting.

Quantum torpedoes are, and always have been the staple PVP Torpedo. They hit harder, and Fly faster then the other torps. No need to buff them further.

Transphasics already got their buff.. moving on..

Chronoton Torpedoes are ment to be more of a debuff weapon then a serious torpedo..

Plasma Torps got buffs in the form of new consoles and new abilities from the Romulan Reputation.. Though that Reman and Romulan Set bonus to make those heavy projectiles faster could be buffed abit more. Or maybe make the Reman set bonus affect all Heavy Projectiles (Plasma, Tricobalt, and Thermonic)

Tricobalt Torpedoes are fine where they are. They get any more of a buff they'd be OP.

As far as skills, it doesn't take much at all to focus into them with Energy weapons unless your trying to run a more Ground orientated, or some specialist based build in the skill trees.

But hey, if the Development staff agrees with you, Yak, and wants to buff them more. I'd be all for it.. Force people to use those Kinetic Resist Consoles more often, right?
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