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Originally Posted by andoriansrus View Post
fleet ships are most definitely NOT P2W... I can grind up dilithium and convert that to zen enough so that I can add a fleet module every day with no expenditure of actual money... all it cost me was about 3 hours a day grinding my dilithium..... deal with it, it is not P2W = Pay to win, it is P2W = Play to Win
I've been avoiding this thread, because it's inevitably the type of thread that the mods hand out warnings like they're having a going out of business sale.

However, you're mistaken - technically.

Whether it's a case that you bought the FM off the exchange for EC or you bought it with Zen from converting Dil... real money transactions took place.

The item cannot exist in the game without somebody having spent real money.

They could have broken out their wallet and paid for the Zen to buy it.
They could have a lifetime sub they paid for and accumulated the Zen to buy it.
They could have paid for a sub and accumulated the Zen to buy it.
They could have bought it by converting Dil to Zen - the Zen being something that somebody bought or had available from a stipend (available from having paid).

Fleet Ships that require Fleet Modules are very much P2W. They can't exist in the game unless somebody made a real money transaction.

Fleet Ships that do not require Fleet Modules on the other hand...different story. They do not require anything that required a real money transaction being made.

Anything that has a Zen price attached to it - required a real money transaction. Just because you may not have made that transaction yourself, does not negate the fact that one had to take place.

Dil items present the opportunity for both - somebody could buy Zen to trade for Dil, thus one could say they personally partook in P2W...but that's another discussion and a personal choice. Anything with a Zen price, on the other hand, there was always a real money transaction involved at some point...
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