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Still working out the stats, but what do you guys think? My original thought was for a drone that would repair hull damage, but as I thought about it, you could conceivably have a blue version that did hull repair only a blue version that did shield repair only, and then a purple version that did both? Maybe give them a limited defensive weapon capability?

This is the one thing that I have thought was missing from the Omega Force armory: Some form of hanger pet. There are enough fighters in the game that adding another one would not really add much to the game.

Or what about an Assimilated Marauding Force Hanger Pet? Make it able to farm the way that slavers do for the KDF. IDK, maybe that is a bad idea. The Klinks don't have a lot that is uniquely theirs.

Anyhow, let me hear your thoughts. What would you add to this? How would you spin it?