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01-17-2013, 08:16 AM
The Bort is a dreadnought-style ship, IMHO; it is designed for maximum forward firepower, at the expense of turning speed or versatility (and, to an extent, durability, although it can kill things quickly enough that it often doesn't need any real tank); it needs to keep its distance when smaller enemies are around, and only pull in closer against large, cumbersome targets (or stationary ones). If you get the set, with the Disruptor Autocannon, it is even moreso.

So, while your line of thought is comparing it to the Odyssey, my line of thought is comparing it to the Federation's Galaxy-X Dreadnought. And this, IMHO, is a better dreadnought than that one.

Build suggestion: (the 5-tac version)

Fore: 4 x Mk XII Disruptor Dual Heavy Cannons
Rear: 4 x Mk XII Disruptor Turret

Shield/Engine/Deflector: Whatever you want, but get something durable
Devices: Weapon batteries (to recover from the Disruptor Autocannon's power drain), the device you get from the Devidian series, and whatever else you want

Engineering Consoles: 1 x EPS Flow Regulator, 1 x Neutronium, 1 x Tachyokinetic Converter, 1 x Borg console
Science Console: Disruptor Autocannon console
Tactical Consoles: 5 x Disruptor Induction Coil Mk XII

You're essentially a siege engine. Keep your distance from the fast-movers, and hit the big stuff while the rest of your team deals with the little ones. Save your autocannon for the times you need to solo cubes, or when you're short on time and need to finish off a large target quickly (like a gate or transformer). The quality of your tactical consoles is important, because they buff all your cannons and turrets as well as your Disruptor Autocannon. Using a tactical officer with this ship would probably be best, as you can pop all your tactical buffs right before you trigger the autocannon; I've only seen someone do this once, but the guy scrapped a Borg cube in record time, before I could even get there.

Anyway...I hope this helps; I've only flown the free version that isn't as good as yours, but I've seen them in action enough to know that they're extremely effective in STF's and other time-limited events, especially when they're set up just right (beams probably work just fine for normal solo PVE content, but bringing a beam Bortie to an Elite STF is wasted potential, IMHO).