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09-08-2009, 10:07 PM
Now, finally, we're inside the anomaly, we're through the black hole, and STO is laid bare for all to see.
Sweet! Guess it's a hint at the exploration talk to come.

Players can have a maximum of 12 items in their tray at once: three per weapon, up to four career powers, up to four kit powers, and CPR, the universal resurrection power. With 12 slots for powers, grossly individual play styles should be achievable. That you're able to swap kits and weapons when on the ground, too, ensures the possibility of even more varied loadouts.
Very interesting!

While you're able to play as many of the species you know and love from the Star Trek universe, you're also able to use the Alien Creator to create your own race, add racial powers, like super intelligence or super jumping, then add them to the Star Trek universe.
Super Jumping?

I know jumping is in, and I'm happy. But I'm curious what use would super jumping could be used for?

Bar that, it's warp 9.9, or whatever the maximum warp is in 2409.
I really would like a variable Warp Speed, with Warp 9+ Travel for emergencies. And traveling at Warp 9.9 for a time should be limited, for instance you overheating your warp engine or damage to your hull for pushing your SIF to the limit.

You know, keeping true to the MMO "Risk vs Reward".