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01-17-2013, 08:32 AM
Originally Posted by ferdzso0 View Post
I parsed over a full STF lol.
Wait, really? I can't imagine how you could be getting 10k mission average DPS out of this, especially with no points in Particle Generators, unless maybe it's with a pre-made team all running APB. I mean, with my build ( I also get CSV1 most of the time and have GW, 4 tac consoles, 2 Particle Gen consoles, and the Borg and Rom consoles, plus Iso and QFFC, and it's at 4.2k in elite or 4.8k in normal (resistances are lower in normal). You do have a 2% advantage on crit chance, but you're 40% short on damage from the GWs plus probably a lower power level. I guess you gain a fair bit with the turrets (245 vs 87 relative DPS) and the APO provides a 3.5% average DPS boost, plus more from running disruptors, but I still can't imagine it being that much difference.

There are also actually a few things you can improve on in your skill build. Remember that the last 3 points in any of the power skills aren't worth much, so you could probably save enough there to max Particle Generators without sacrificing anything noticeable. You can play around with the PowerCalc ( to see exactly where you want to be.