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I understand what you are getting at, but I think the conversation needs to move beyond "pay to win" and simply what is decently balanced, what is under-performing and what is clearly broken OP.
That's definitely the better discussion, imho. The other thing is kind of moot - that's the game - they need to make's a pointless discussion. P2W's basically become an alternate subscription system these days - it's not Pay2Win - it's Pay2Play w/o a sub. Just another form of P2P.

Balance on the other hand - definitely. UP, OP, Broken UP, Broken OP, and all the general not working as intended... while there can obviously be some arguments amongst players on this, you can generally tell the type of player arguing for/against something that seems out of whack. It allows for a more cohesive front from the playerbase in trying to get the devs to make an awesome game...
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