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01-17-2013, 09:46 AM
I like KDF more because they are more honest in their politics and you have more freedom to just do your thing. You aren't part of a highly structured, bureaucratic military institution, and your background can be just about anything.

The Federation is a commie hippie-spouting lotus-eating bunch of duplicitous passion-haters, benevolently permitting religion and traditions so long as they are kept in a small colorful box. They are the ultimate iconified 'dam librul' writ large, while at the same time you never really see, you know, anyone who is gay or lesbian.
In other words, WASP middle-aged liberalism.


KDF eats the red meat.

I like Fed more because Cryptic likes Fed more, so they get all the toys and content. And sometimes it gets tiring being in the pit. It's nice having more Foundry content, more story content, stories written in your voice (rather than Fed content scribbled over with red marker), having fleets that have half a chance of seeing later tiers, of having issues dealt with, etc.

I like the ability to wear a diverse range of clothes, even if they make more sense on KDF (who don't get them) than a Starfleet captain.

Really, if it were up to me, I'd thumb my nose at both and play a mercenary freelancer. But that's not an option.