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Hi All:

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I had a thought about creating a Steamrunner build that is geared towards both dealing damage (as an escort should) and taking some of the aggro off of tac/sci captains and more fragile escorts. This is a PvE only build, Considering that the hull and shield modifiers of a Steamrunner are about the same as my Regent-class, I thought such a build would be is also intended for an Engineering Captain. Well, here's what I was thinking:

Weapons, Fore: 3xDHCs, 1 Omega Torp
Weapons, Aft:2x Turrets, 1 Kinetic Cutting Beam

Shields: Maco Mk 12
Deflector: Maco Mk 12
Engines: Adapted Maco Mk 12

Eng Consoles: 2x Neutronium, 1x Borg Console, 1x RCS
Sci Consoles: 1x Field Generator, 1x Shield Regen / Embassy Threat Console (undecided)
Tac Consoles: 4x Appropriate Energy Type

BOff Powers:

Cmdr. Tac: TT1, APD1, Torp Spread 3, CSV3
Lt. Cmdr Tac: THY1, CRF1, APO1
Lt. Eng: EPtS1, RSP1
Lt. Eng:EPtS1, AtSIF1
Ens Sci: HE1


Attack Pattern Cooldown Redcution
Cannon Cooldown Reduction x2
Tac Team Cooldown Reduction x2

Is this a viable build for both taking and dealing damage, do you think? I admittedly have far more experience with Cruisers than Escorts, so I am particularly interested in feedback on my Tac powers.