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Originally Posted by dekseken View Post
Since i have had my thread hijacked by jons3, its a little unclear as to who is replying to who. So again, are there any other ships i should consider other than just the fleet patrol?

And solong as i go for the MACO shields and borg engines/deflector im heading in the right direction? DHC's obviously Fleet weapons are good, anything else i should consider?

And for my topr, i have heard that the romulan torp and omega torps are both worthwhile replacements, is this true? I will evetually get them both to test but would like to know of people experiences with them so far. Bearing in mind i only PvE so the destructible projectiles doesnt really affect much since the borg dont swap out targets
Keep working towards the Maco Mk XII. Acquire the fleet resilient shields until then. You'll see a big difference from the paratrinic shields.

I would wait and get the fleet MVAE. It's similar enough to the advanced but you'll get to use 5 tac consoles to increase dps. Could also go for the fleet defiant.

Maybe try switching 1 of your scatter volleys to a cannon rapid fire. That way you can alternate from AOE to single target focus depending on your target/s.

Get 2 damage control doffs, that plus switching to TSS2 your shields will hold up much much better.

Feel free to PM me in game. GL

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