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01-17-2013, 10:24 AM
Has a fix been found to this other than the drivers? The game is simply unplayable. I've been waiting for a little over a year to get a computer to play this game and I finally did. I even went and grabbed gold membership before even logging in. I logged in and it played fine through the character creation and for about 2-3 minutes on the beginner mission. Towards the end where you get your first officer though, the screen began to blink out to black. It'd stay black for a few seconds, go back to the game. I'd be able to play a few more seconds, then it'd go black again. I figured this might be a hardware issue, so I went to the graphics setting where you can optimize the game to your hardware. Everything maxed out higher than I even had it set. I shrugged my shoulders and set everything to the lowest settings manually. It changed nothing. If anything, the black screen seemed to come more frequently. After dealing with this for 10 minutes and making next to no progress, I gave up, shut down the game, and came to a google search. This was the only thread I found on the issue, so was just curious if anything had been found on this? I can't mess with the drivers because it is a brand new laptop and I refuse to edit those things. I may just end up uninstalling.