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Originally Posted by jcp26 View Post
We all know what happened to the Enterprise C. Went through time portal, Captain died, future Tactical officer hitched a ride, went back through portal, fought four Warbids and boom. Ship destroyed and crew taken back to Romulus. The Enterprise B vanished without a trace. How about a mission that explains what happened to her?
Depends if you consider the books canon.

There is a series of Trek books called "The Lost Era" that detail what happened in the Federation between Kirk's 'death' aboard the Enterprise B and the Cardassian withdrawal from Bajor.

According to those books, (SPOILER AHEAD)

....The ship was lost in deep space in 2329 after the crew contracted an unknown infection. This version of events is supported in the most recent edition of the "Enterprise Owner's Workshop Manual."

EDIT: As DaveNY points out below, this book's contents are 'approved' by CBS, making it at the very least the same level of canon as STO's Enterprise-F.

Alternatively, the FASA RPG book (less recent, and probably less accepted) states the ship engaged in battle against a Klingon and Romulan battlecruiser, destroying both, but itself being destroyed in the exchange.

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