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01-17-2013, 10:41 AM
Hey all.

I'm trying to determine which DOFFs to put on my ship. I'm not going to outline the ship and abilities as I want people's opinions about which combination is perceived to be more useful in a general sense rather than in a specific sense, although I will say that carrier pets are involved. In my mind that makes Attack Pattern Beta III a little more effective.

Do you think it's more useful to have

- Attack Pattern Beta III (with captain attack pattern skill at 6) with 3 Conn Officers, effectively giving it 10 seconds on, 6.5 seconds off and
- Target Shield Subsystems III with 2 Energy Weapons DOFFs, giving you a 75% chance of halving the cooldown


- Target Shield Subsystem III supported by 3 Energy Weapons DOFFs, giving you an 87.5% chance at halving the cooldown and
- Attack Pattern Beta III with 2 Conn DOFFs, effectively giving it 10 seconds on and 11 seconds off.


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