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01-17-2013, 10:50 AM
Looks pretty decent, this is pretty similar to how I had mine setup before I switched to a Breen Warship for more tank on my Engineer.

I didn't have a Threat scaling console on mine though, but I still grabbed a large portion of aggro due to flying closer to the target and occasionally because the other escorts had -threat. Since threat scaling consoles are becoming more common, you may not need a +threat console to pull off the less-tanky escorts, as many now have one or two of the -threat consoles so you end up with more aggro by just not having any threat consoles.

I've gotten good use out of Embassy +Threat console Shield Emitters (will buff your EPtS and RSP) with hull repair on my Fleet Torkaht KDF side, so I'd go with that. Otherwise, a shield capacity console may be better than a regen.