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Obviously, they would probably develop new canon species in the next years, when they find a good way to incorporate them in the story, like Acamarians in s7 and other races mentionned as possibilities by the devs.

About your propositions :
* The Son'a seem no longer a threat after "ST: Insurrection"
* The Sheliaks are xenophobic and limit contact with Fed. We have only seen some kind of form for them. Bureaucratics and legal experts, the only opportunity to put them in is to participate in negociations for a new treaty for thousand of hours, enjoy
* The Tzenkethi : In fact, they are in the game since a while Tzenkethi were intended to be 'the Kzinti' (from TAS: "The Slaver Weapon") But due to legal issues about the Kzintis (part of "Known Space" universe by Larry Niven), they were renamed Tzenkethi in DS9... and Fesaran in STO
That bit about the Tzenkethi is an urban legend. The guy who created them said he was actually planning for them to be a reptilian race. In the Typhon pact books they're said to be bioluminescent (humanoids).

The Sheliak are an intresting race all right.... It'd be really cool to see their point of view on the current political situation. They see humanoids as inherior life forms, so it'd be interesting to see what they think of the Tholians, Borg, Undine, and Iconians.

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