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Originally Posted by lordgyor View Post
Bingo, with the BO power you can in fact launch shuttles from a Fed cruiser.

The difference between a Carrier and Fed Cruiser or Battle Cruisers isn't having access to small craft, its having built in ability to use it combat wise.

A Carrier has hangar bays, a Cruiser has shuttle bays. What do I mean by that? Hangar bays have way more crafts and possibly an area inside them that acts as control centre originizing and controlling the launched crafts and keeping them working with each other.

Hangar Bays I figure are much larger then shuttle bays with more specialized equiptment.

Take Consumable Fighters for example, they work differently on carriers and none carriers. Why? Because of the Hangar Bays act like mission control sort of coordinating the fighters. So Carriers and Hybred Carriers are equipt with specialized equiptment the allows them to give carrier commands. Shuttle Bays aren't.

Its why cosumable fighters AI are dumber on a cruiser then a carrier.

And any ship is capable of launching playable shuttles.
If that were true, then the Galaxy class would be the ultimate Star Fleet small craft launcher. It is the only ship in canon to have a large shuttle bay. It is the only ship in canon shown to have the capability of transporting not just shuttlecraft, but small ships like the runabout. It not only has 3 shuttle bays, one of them extremely large, but it has a myriad of cargo bays which have the capability of transporting small craft in and out of the ship using the transporter system (as seen on the show).

Maybe the Soverign class could accommodate a runabout or two, but it looks to me like it would have a tough time fitting through the door.

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