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The Son'a were still important enough to the Dominion's war efforts after the events of Insurrection that towards the end of the war Dominion ships were sent to reinforce one of their colonies producing ketracel-white.

On the other hand, the Insurrection supplemental materials stated that the Son'a of their adopted homeworld had become sterile in an attempt to artificially recreate the metaphasic radiation of the Ba'ku homeworld. So 40+ years and a vastly diminishing pool of individuals capable of reproducing means the remaining Son'a are screwed.

However, Son'a also have their conquered species the Ellora and Tarlac. Creating the interesting situation of the conquerors potentially being overthrown without the conquered having to lift a finger.

So potentially you have a cultural group calling themselves "Son'a," flying those sweet looking Son'a ships, but populated by the unique looking Ellora and Tarlac.
Well... it's not clear when Insurrection happens in the DS9 timeline. I would guess either towards the end or after the end of the Dominion war. We know this because Riker was able to look up in a historical database on the Ent-E what the Son'a did in the Dominion war.

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